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Licenses and Awards
The equity market professional player license on carrying out dealer activity 14.03.2017

Dealer activity means sale and purchase of securities on your own behalf and at your own expense by announcing the price of sale and/or purchase of particular securities and committing to buy or sell the said securities at the named prices.

Apart from the price, the dealer can also announce other essential conditions of the sale and purchase of securities, such as: minimum and maximum number of securities subject to purchase and/or sale, as well as the term of announced price's validity. If the dealer does not announce any other essential conditions, he is obliged to sign an agreement with the customer on the conditions proposed by the customer. Should the dealer try to avoid entering into such an agreement, a claim may be brought to force him either to enter into this agreement, or to compensate the customer’s losses.

The equity market professional player license on carrying out securities management activities 14.03.2017

Securities management includes activities related to the trust management of securities, funds intended for transactions with securities, or signing agreements which serve as derivative financial instruments.

Professional asset management provides the following advantages as compared to individual investments:

- high profits in the securities market;

- low costs of operations in the securities market;

- low market risks to lose capital in case of negative market trends.

The equity market professional player license on carrying out depository activity 14.03.2017

Depository activity is assistance in depositing securities, or accounting for transfer of rights on securities.

The depositary has right to put his name on the register of securities, or at another depositary as a nominee holder of securities under the depositary agreement.

The depositary is bears responsibility for failure to perform or improper performance of his obligations of accounting for transfer of rights on securities, including the completeness and correctness of depositary account entries.

The depositary has civil liability to keep the deposited securities certificates safe. Depositors’ securities cannot be levied to under the depositary's obligations.

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